Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Build A Home Internet Business For Just $10 And Learn How To Start Making Money Online In 3 Weeks!

Now I'm sure you've heard Internet "gurus" promise that you can build a home internet business and learn how to start making money online (in the thousands of dollars, if not millions) IF you buy their overly expensive courses, software and ebooks.

I'm here to tell you -- STOP! Don't waste your money! Learning to build a home Internet business doesn't have to be expensive; it can be easy to do. Plus you can start making decent money in just a few weeks.

I can almost hear you asking -- is there a secret to how to build a home internet business? Actually the secret is... there is no secret.

It's just a question of being focused on just ONE simple approach to build a home internet business.

A step-by-step approach that will enable you to learn how to start making money online in a reasonably short time. In our case, 3 weeks or less!

Here's a simple 5-step approach on how to build a home Internet business I assure you will work if you apply it.

1. Find a hot product

This is a bit obvious but in order to build a home internet business, you need a product to sell. But, make sure though that it's a product that people want to buy. Not everything out there is in demand.
Simply go to Clickbank.com and look for a product in an area you are interested in that is in demand now. Look for a product with at least a 20 in gravity. In fact the higher the better.

Sign up as an affiliate for that product. And grab your affiliate link. OK, now you're ready to build a home internet business!

2. Look at demand and your potential competition

Now that you have a product, you need to identify a keyword phrase related to the product.

Why you ask? Well, to build a home internet business that is viable, you need to know what the volume of demand is versus the competition you have to beat. Just like in any traditional offline business.

For example, if your product is on dog training, look for a long-tailed keyword like "dog training for big dogs". Use Wordtracker.com to show you the daily search volume.

You are looking for a monthly search volume of at least 500 to make it worth your while to use a particular keyword phrase. With Wordtracker, you will need to multiply the result given by 150 to give you the monthly volume.

Now determine if there is too much competition. Just Google your keyword phrase within quotes " ". If you get results of between 1,000 and 5,000, you're in good shape!

3. Buy a domain name

If you are going to build a home internet business, you obviously need a "home" for it. In the case of the online world, a domain name.

Buy yourself a domain name that is as close as possible to the keyword phrase you have identified. The $9 you spend on this domain name should be your only cost, how about that?

In your domain name control panel, use the redirect function to redirect your main domain name to your affiliate link. This is important so that you meet the article directory's requirements, and ultimately your goal to build a home internet business.

4. Write at least 5 articles (10 would be even better!)

Every business needs customers or traffic. When you build a home internet business, traffic is your lifeline. Among the many traffic generation methods, article marketing is very effective.

To do this, you will first need to find another 4 keyword phrases that are similar to your main phrase. Write short articles of no more than 300 to 500 words using these different phrases.

Remember to include the keyword phrase in your article title. More importantly, make sure you mention the domain name for your product in your resource box at the end of the article.

5. Submit the articles

Once you have 5 articles ready, submit all of them to an article directory like EzineArticles.com

And that's it. If you have followed the above steps correctly, you will see your article appear on the front page of Google when you search for your main keyword phrase very soon. And within a few weeks, I can almost guarantee you will start seeing sales and money coming in! You have in effect build a home internet business. Woo hoo!

Mind you, this is a quick and dirty way to learn how to start making money online; for less than 10 dollars; while seeing money come in probably in less than 3 weeks.

Once you have seen some sales, develop this further by building a simple website on your domain name. Here you can start collecting email addresses from visitors, in return for a collection of your articles. Thereafter, you can promote other similar products to them via email marketing. And make more money, of course! Isn't this the reason why you wanted to build a home internet business in the first case?

In other words, steps 1 to 5 above are great if you want to learn how to start making money online at the beginning. But you need to start to build a home Internet business for the long term, one that is sustainable.

To wrap up, I will say that another great way to build a home Internet business for the long term is to use an Internet model like "Newbie Cash Machine". This teaches you how to promote an affiliate product with a secret "twist".

Combined with Internet marketing techniques like the ones described in this article, Newbie Cash Machine offers a powerful lesson in how to start making money online for the long term. You can read more on how to build a home internet business using the Newbie Cash Machine model at the link provided below.

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